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Art of AAIchemy


AAlchemy Ventures is a club of qualified investors established by Andrey Kostyuk and Alexey Goryachev. The Managing director of the club is Maxim Leukhin.

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We specialize on early-stage startups

digital disruptors at pre-seed to pre-A investment stage, engaged in b2b/b2b2c SaaS and edutainment, and located in USA, Southern and Western Europe and GCC.

The members of the club get the opportunity

to form a high-risk part of a personal investment portfolio from startup shares, completely or partially. 

The club operates in evergreen format

we are free to choose the moment of investing  and exit from portfolio companies, unlike an investment fund.

Investments in startups on your own behalf


Investments in startups as part of a syndicate

The minimum investment amount in the project is 25,000. Direct equity participation or direct lending in the case of a convertible loan.

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