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About Us


If we commit to a project, we will do everything to see it succeeding.


We have been in this business for more than twenty years, and we know what we are doing.


We share risks with you – we invest in the same companies, and our fees are mostly performance-based.

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Our Investment Thesis

We invest in early-stage American and European startups engaged in b2b/b2b2c SaaS or edutainment.

We lead the rounds of the most interesting companies where our value add as mentors, coaches and advisors is maximal, but we are happy to follow the investors we know too.

The planned investment horizon is 7 to 10 years, the expected weighted average multiplier is 3,5x, our remuneration is either 10% fee of the purchase price + 20% carry case-by-case or 30% carry case-by-case without the management fee.

The investment structure for our members is either direct investment or syndicate based on each particular deal conditions. 

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Andrey Kostyuk

Entrepreneur, banker and investor, founder of Taurus Aurum Group.

  • Business angel investing actively in startups in the EU and USA. Startup mentor.​ 

  • Ph.D. in Economic Sciences.​  

  • MBA graduate of the joint program “Global Executive Master of Business Administration” (GEMBA) of Georgetown University and ESADE Business School.​ Georgetown University Alumni Ambassador. 

  • Member of the Management Board and Board of Directors of several Russian commercial banks (1998-2019). 

  • Senior Partner and Executive Director of Taurus Aurum Global Property Fund Limited (2007-2019). 

  • Expert of the SME Instrument program, EASME. 

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Alexey Goryachev

Entrepreneur, investment banker and investor, managing partner of RB Partners.

  • Head of YPO Moscow. 

  • Member of the Board of Directors of Skolkovo Moscow School of Management. 

  • Winner of the special prize "Master of Business" EY "Entrepreneur of the Year 2015". 

  • Co-founder, President of RMG Group (1994-2014). The group's companies are licensed to operate in European capital markets and provide services in asset management, M&A, PE and VC. 

  • Magister in Finance, graduate of SKOLKOVO EMBA-16 program, completed courses in venture capital and private investment at Harvard and Berkeley. 

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Maxim Leukhin

Managing director, Head of Investor Relations.

  • Worked at commercial banks in the departments of economic security management, credit and collateral departments  

  • Held senior positions in companies providing trust management of mutual investment funds received qualification certificates from the Central Bank in brokerage and dealer activities,  securities management and depository activities, management of investment funds, mutual funds, non-state investment funds 

  • Held the position of Advisor to General Director on economic security issues  after which he began to head Taurus A Moscow representative office of Taurus A Limited


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