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Art of AAIchemy


AAlchemy Ventures is a club of qualified investors established by Andrey Kostyuk and Alexey Goryachev. The Managing director of the club is Maxim Leukhin.

The members of the club get the opportunity 


to form a high-risk part of a personal investment portfolio from startup shares, completely or partially. 

The club operates in evergreen format 


we are free to choose the moment of investing  and exit from portfolio companies, unlike an investment fund. 

Our specialty is early stage startups 


from pre-seed to A, offering services and products in segments b2b and b2b2c in the markets of the USA, Europe and the Persian Gulf. The planned investment horizon is from 3 to 7 years, the expected weighted average multiplier is  x3.5, management commission: 2% of the portfolio value at the purchase price + 20% carry case-by-case or 30% carry case-by-case without the management fee. The Investment option is in the format of managed accounts/sidecar fund - transfer of funds to the management of the Club for co-investment in transactions. 

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