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Investment Offers

Investment opportunity 2, June 2024


AAlchemy Ventures  secured an allocation in US-based startup in the field of cellular agriculture developing cultivated seafood. This technology takes a few cells from a fish to grow an infinite amount of real, sustainable seafood. The target company is focused on substituting overfished, too expensive, and often unavailable to restaurants and consumers wild-caught species that are also greenhouse gas intensive, and can’t be raised easily via aquaculture.

CN, $565K, 8M Cap    

Investment opportunity 1, June 2024



AAlchemy Ventures secured an allocation in the Seed investment round of software solutions provider based in Cyprus, specializing in property management and construction industries. The company aims to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience through innovative and user-friendly platforms.Its digital solutions include features like real-time property status updates, financial tracking, maintenance management, and compliance documentation management, designed to streamline property management processes and improve communication between property owners and managers.

The company has recently formed notable partnerships to bolster its offerings with a leading property management companies in Cyprus and UAE to introduce a digital platform that centralizes various property management tasks, enabling property owners to manage their properties more efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, the company has partnered with the leading advanced smart home automation control system provider in Cyprus to integrate smart home automation with property management. This partnership aims to provide a comprehensive solution that combines property management with smart home features like energy monitoring, billing, and control over home devices, further enhancing the convenience and efficiency for homeowners and property managers.

 Through these strategic partnerships and innovative offerings, the company is poised to significantly impact the property management industry in EU and GCC.

SAFE, 500K EUR, 7M cap

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